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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Missing in Action

Sorry that I have been missing in action. I went to be with a friend who son was killed in an accident.Then my laptop crashed, & to old to fix.Cheaper to buy a new one however on that note new computer means new software. Technology is continually improving putting some of us in the ice age. My desk top is so old that I had to install windows XP and  I miss not being able to take it with me.

These are some of the  things I have done & have not posted.

Honor  the circle canvas
this canvas was created for two reasons one is to honor the Native Americans whom I worked for and because I believe in what the on of the circle stands for. The Native Americans believe in their heritage. Family is very important the family represents some part of nature such as mother Earth father sky grandmother signed grandfather. The circle is a representation of tribal beliefs and they believe that life goes full circle. Most things are created within the circle the medicine wheel, the Native American dance is always done in the circle and the talking circle. I created this canvas starting out with white just so then I started layering various different layers such as chicken wire lace trams to create the effect that this canvas is showing.
The circle is divided into four parts, North South East and West. Each of those squadrons represent the physical, the spiritual, mental and emotional in the fourth one is social. In the center of the circle represents you the person also on this canvas I added a dream catcher as well as feathers from Gina’s Designs. 

Christmas in July mini albums
I created to mini albums the first one is a 6 x 6 mini album covered with paper from recollections called naughty or nice. Laser chip board from Gina’s designs adorn each page. Under each chipboard a photo can be placed on the photo mat. Each of the laser chip board pieces have been painted with distressed paint by counsel/Ranger.


The second mini album created was created using a micro-mini snow globe by Gina’s designs. The paper line used was also by recollections called naughty or nice. On each change I added a shaker tray to the global to hold a photo around the shaker I added a doily. To the snow globe stand I added an nameplate for the photo information. On the backside of the photo I added a pillow pocket. To the pillow pocket I added a journaling card. Every page in this photo album are identical the only difference being one of the least doilies is from a different paper within the paper line.

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