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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dressform Wall Art

Kathi here today to share with you my dressform wall art project, this was so fun to create.

The picture frame was painted black, white then tan before I could make up my mind, The background paper is Tim Holtz Craft Resist.
Dressforms &Wings - The dressform & wings were placed on a steampunk doily. The dressform & wings were painted with white gesso then glue & seal was then applied to the dressform & wings.
Mini Dress forms
Kaiser Craft Dress form placed on a large lace trim decal

Cardstock Doily - Intricates with dressforms painted black with a trim waist band. 

Dress Form -
After this dressform was painted with black gesso the bottom of the 
dressform was rubbed with rub n buff - silver.

Cardstock Doily Set Intricates - A small doily was place in the upper left corner, a dress form was placed on the left side of the doily. The spool was wrapped with mauve floss & threaded through the needle. Silver rub in buff was used on the scissors & needle.

Corset - Corset was painted with black gesso, layered with black lace and trimmed 
with a black trim. Corset sets on a white cardstock Doily - Intricates 

Black Venues Lace, Mini Dressform & flowers wrapped with fiber trim.

Tim Holtz Sewing Die Cut, I cut 12-15 dressforms, cut off the stand then folded the dressform vertically & gluing sides together making a fan/honeycomb look. Then gluing them to a dressform with a stand to complete the look.
String Alongs - Sewing painted with black gesso & then trimmed the bottom with beaded trim & layered with a small black lace trim to finish the dressform off.

Close Up of Each Window

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