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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Loaded Envelope Tutorial

Hello crafty friends this is a tutorial for the loaded envelope. 

 Front of Loaded Envelope

Cut the front panel 8.5 X 9.5 Score the panel at .5 - 1- 7 - 7.5 and 8" on the 8.5" side and .5"
on one side of the long" side.

Back of envelope

Cut the second panel at 7" X 9" score on the 7" side at .5" and 6.5"

Small pocket
Cut the small pocket at 8" X 4.5" score at .5 - 1" - 7" - 7.5" score on the long side at .5"

Large Pocket

Cut the fourth & last piece of paper at 8" X 6.5" score on the 8" side at .5" - 1" - 7" and 7.5" and score on the 6.5" side at .5"

Once all pieces are cut and scored the small pocket goes on the front of the panel and the large pocket goes on the back panel. You will have a gusted on both side once the panels are put together. On the front of the front panel you can create it panel as you like. I cut down approximately 3" then put in 3 to 4 holes on each side of the cut line.  Then you can curve up the sides by the  cut line then lace ribbon to create a laced corset look.  Cut a patterned paper to fit both panels and both pockets. Fill the envelope with things you will create such as tags, cards, goodie bags, let your imagination soar. you can decorate the loaded envelope pocket as you wish. Enjoy. 

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